Santana on Housing

Santana has stood up against landlords so families and older adults keep calling the Bronx home. In Albany, Santana will fight for tenant rights and protect the people of District 79 against housing instability. Santana will push for state retro fit buildings with green roofs and solar paneling. Santana will fight against real estate developers within our district to avoid an increase of displacement.

“Tenants should have the right to counsel so that we may continue to combat homelessness in this state!”

Bronx activist speaks on the steps of City Hall demanding for more tenant protection from city law makers in a law to empower tenants against greedy landlords.

Santana was amongst many advocating for the Right to Counsel which today has helped many low income Bronx tenants without legal representation, fight against landlords in court in order to combat the homelessness crisis.

In addition, Santana has also pushed for the the Housing not Warehousing Act, a package bill which made mandatory registry for all landlords holding their property vacant, an annual account of all vacant properties, and compile a list of all city, state, federally, and authority-owned vacant property suitable for the development of affordable housing, and recommend paths towards developing affordable housing.

Take action with us.

Elvis Santana



VOTE JUNE 23rd, 2020

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