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Santana has worked with the Department of Education for a decade and understands the system has room for improvement, and with the right resources, youth can achieve far more greater results than they deserve today. Santana understands what teachers, parents, and young people face because of his experience growing up in the Bronx. He has helped young people in the Bronx thrive by providing access to opportunities and will work with Albany to ensure those opportunities expand.

Photo: Santana partnering with NYC Services and New York City Football Club in City Wide Speed Mentoring in the South Bronx

Santana has championed school involvement with local partners to create a wider opportunity in community involvement. Santana understands the struggle that public schools face when they have limited resources to address the at risk youth population in the South Bronx. Santana understands that teachers face increased scrutiny based on teacher evaluations and high stakes testing and will advocate for multiple ways to assess students’ learning.

Santana will ensure that Bronx public schools are equitably funded and fight to ensure the Governor’s office pays our Bronx public schools money owed from foundational aid. Santana will push for integrated vocational programs in our public schools and advocate for vocational training programs. Santana will advocate for more funding for educational opportunities for adults. Santana will ensure NYC provides adequate services to our Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners.Santana understands that State is responsible for adequate funding CUNY and SUNY and will advocate for more funding in resources, repairs and tuition aid programs.

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Elvis Santana



VOTE JUNE 23rd, 2020

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