Santana on Environmental Justice

Together with local leaders, Santana advocated for environmental justice because the Bronx deserves quality air and space. Santana will ensure that the Bronx is not bought or occupied by those who do not have the community’s support

“We need leaders who will take these issues with communities to build out solutions. I, Elvis Santana, will support and work with Environmental Justice Communities. "

As the climate crisis worsens, it is important that communities move away from fossil fuels and adapt more environmentally-friendly approaches to our urban problems. Santana is committed to working with and alongside environmental justice communities within the district to find solutions that are healthy, equitable, and community-led. Santana has helped push for the Waste Equity Bill to pass into law in order to reduce waste burden in the Bronx.

As New York State passes important laws like the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, we need leaders who will move and implement true sustainable and environmentally impactful actions in areas in which they are most needed - waste, housing, energy, transportation, food, and climate justice. The Bronx is currently the most unhealthy county in all of New York State, largely due to the polluting infrastructure and environmental justice issues that has historically overburden our communities of color, low-income, and immigrants; causing some of the highest asthma, obesity, and diabetes rates in our communities.

Santana will advocate for better air quality, which would reduce contamination within our district and work with local government for more green spaces. Santana will work with local environmental groups to support community driven energy projects. Santana will work to ensure our public schools are lead free and that students have access to safe drinking water. In Albany, he will advocate to meet the state’s goal of achieving 100% carbon free electricity by 2040 and 70% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030

Take action with us.

Elvis Santana



VOTE JUNE 23rd, 2020

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