“Fresh Voice in the Bronx Enters Council Race”

Bronx, New York – Democrat Elvis Santana, a fresh voice in the Bronx, enters the campaign for the 17th District for City Council. “I am both honored and eager to announce my candidacy for the 17th District for City Council,” said Santana.  “As a son of the South Bronx, I believe our community is in dire need of a competent and compassionate leader who envisions a cleaner borough, supports community involvement, urges for real housing affordability and is willing to go toe to toe with anyone in order to meet the demand of what the people want.”

Santana, who has worked closely with multiple nonprofit organizations aiding the Bronx, continued: “The Bronx is one of the most diverse areas throughout the entire country but it is also has the poorest congressional district.  For as long as any Bronx native can remember, assistance is no longer reachable and the people are no longer being heard.  With the Bronx holding the highest asthma rate in New York City and now threatened by new developers with unaffordable housing, the integrity of the borough is evaporating.  As a community we must up rise, fight and gather any hope left by saying no to possessing over ⅓ of NYC garbage, no to having the highest asthma rates in the city, no to new housings that are not affordable to the people of the district and no to being ignored by any elected official.  With me the community will say yes to reducing garbage in the district, yes to helping every young boy and girl stay healthy, yes for true affordable housing, yes for more job opportunities and increase in household income, and yes to finally being heard!”

Santana, who has been invited to the White House by Michelle Obama April of last year, said “I know firsthand how the environment I live in limits my ability to excel and how many others have similar stories to tell with similar problems.  In fact, I was invited to the White House by the Reach Higher Initiative who was created by Michelle Obama because of the obstacles I came across throughout my life but I was also depressed that there weren’t more individuals from the Bronx who was granted the same opportunity I did.  That is why as council member I will seek ways to fund more sustainable programs, work closely with local organizations and help grow existing programs. If elected, I will fight for a cleaner and less polluted district.  I will also join the fight against displacement and development while creating job opportunities for families of four making $27,000 or less.  The district will not be a target plan for developers and the community will not be pushed away.  The fight for a community that deserves more starts now”

About Elvis Santana:

Elvis was born and raised in Morrisania, Bronx, New York. He attended both Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom Middle School and High School.  While in high school, Elvis had interned with Congressman Charles B. Rangel in Harlem and took courses at New York University on culture.  After earning his high school diploma, Elvis attended Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, Connecticut for his Bachelor’s degree.  While attending his undergraduate studies, he also commuted back and forth to the Bronx to serve as a College Coach, Youth Advocate and Summer Employment Specialist.  Immediately after graduating with his Bachelor's degree at 21, Elvis has continued working as an Employment Specialist with adults at risk for one of the oldest nonprofit organizations in New York City: The Children’s Aid Society.  More recently, Elvis has worked with other local nonprofit organizations protesting and community-organizing for housing rights and waste equity in the district.